Current version 0.1.1 - released 2005-12-26!

Main menu Dynamic lighting on the tunnel walls In the thick of it Skipping through the phlogiston fields More dynamic lighting Zapped by lightning

Fast-paced, 3D, first-person shoot/dodge-'em-up, in the vein of Tempest or n2o. Playable, but highly incomplete.

Proper website coming whenever I can be bothered. For now, check out the following links.

Woo! Update - 2006-11-11

Stuff is happening; this project is not exactly being worked on day and night, but it is not dead, either. I am currently writing a library of OpenGL/game-related bits, having grown tired of reinventing the same support classes every time I want to experiment; once this has reached a useful state, I shall port Accelerator to C++ and make use of it, possibly releasing the library itself as a separate project if it turns out flexible enough.